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Junk My Car New York City is the #1 junk car for cash service that you can rely on in Schenectady. Our car buyers and auto appraisers have years of experience and will get you the best offer on your junk car, so that you can get right to buying your new car. It doesn’t matter if your car is old, rusted, or worn. Even if it isn’t running, you’re eligible for cash!

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We Buy Junk Cars in Schenectady

Junk My Car New York City can give an over the phone guarantee that you will be paid the price that you are offered to sell your junk car, truck, van or SUV in Schenectady.

There are no hidden fees and towing is on us from any location in Schenectady. All you have to worry about is what to do with that extra wad of cash you get when you sell your old clunker.

We Buy Cars in Any Condition in Schenectady

We buy local Schenectady cars that would otherwise be left to collect rust or cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. Skip the headache and find out why we're the most trusted car removal company in Schenectady!

We buy them all!

  • Wrecked
  • Crashed
  • Old
  • Stalled SUVs

We Buy All Types of Cars in Schenectady

We don’t only buy junk cars. We make cash offers on cars in all conditions:

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Wrecked cars in Schenectady

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Used cars in Schenectady

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